Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Garden: The Chicken House Begins... i think

With my trusty old lawnmower (thanks dad for passing it down to me) not working at all, i decided it was a good idea to start thinking about the chook house for the future addition in the garden.

luckily i didn't have to fork out $100 on materials (just for the timber as well) instead finding the remanence of one of my old beds in my parents shed to use.

After adjusting the dimensions i set out to the shed to make sure all bits of timber were good to go. Turned out some of these pieces were not only screwed together (free screws) but also glued together as well...

A hammer and scraper quickly fixed this and soon i had beams of timber ready for the go.

It wasn't much that i could do with the short time i had in the morning to do so, but it is a start. All i need now is to cut up the timber into the right length and start putting it together... I need nails...

That's all that's been going on in the garden today.

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